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Touch of Soul

  • Touch of Soul is a house DJ. Born and raised in Swaziland, this rising star moved to South Africa in 2010 and has not stopped working towards being the best DJ in Africa.
  • His sound is anything from deep soulful to dance & commercial house music. Starting his career at UKZN while studying Human Settlements (Housing), he won the 2013 Redbull Campus Clash.
  • The win became a catalyst for his career as he become a resident DJ for the hottest clubs in Durban, and is now currently settled in one of the biggest entertainment venues in South Africa, Eyadini Lounge as well as the exclusive night club AZAR.




Master P

  • Phinda “Master P” Dlamini is a Swazi born Hip Hop DJ who prides himself in his craft and representing his country the best way he can as he travels spreading his love of Hip Hop music. A DJ who has grown in leaps and bounds in his DJ career, still has a lot more to offer.


    His repertoire spans vastly as he has played alongside a number of local and international deejays of the highest calibre, such as the likes of Ready D, Dino Bravo, DJ Fresh, Black Coffee, QB Smith to mention but a few. He has also graced venues within and outside of his home country having performed in a number of venues such as Moloko ( Pretoria); Stones (Johannesburg and Pretoria); Cappello Buzz (Johannesburg); House on Fire (Malkerns,Swaziland); Simunye Country Club (Swaziland) and many others. He has also participated in major festivals in Swaziland namely, MTN BushFire Festival, Simunye Fun Fair, International Trade Fair and a headline act at S.T.O.R.M festival.

    Cell: (00268) 78138513/(00268) 76687938
    e-mail: masterp.bookings@gmail.com


  • Tendaness is an accomplished DJ/Producer, boasting with multiple accolades that reflect his unrivaled musical talent. Tendaness’ talent has awarded him the opportunity to perform and tour countries around the world.
  • He has worked with numerous artist and most recently with Bholoja on a track called Jika

Karly B




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