Day 1: Launch


MTN Swaziland hosted a Corporate Social Responsibility project and sponsored the music awards called SWAMA (Swaziland Music Awards). The Prime Minister officially launched the awards and the president of SWAMA Lutfo Dlamini received a cheque of over E400 000.00 from MTN CEO Ambrose Dlamini as sponsorship towards the awards. During the launch the committee was introduced to Swazi artists of various genres

About the Awards

The MTN SWAMA Music Awards (#MTNSWAMA) is a concept created by The Swaziland Arts and Music Association (SWAMA) to celebrate and recognize musicians who have contributed to the growth of the music industry in the Kingdom of eSwatini. The vision is to convey a high impact message by delivering an exciting and diverse concert featuring a wide spectrum of Swazi artists with one focus in mind: high quality performances during the rewarding of excelling artists.

The awards main aim is to pay tribute to artists who have played a pivotal role in the revolution of the music industry in Swaziland since independence to date as we seek to legitimize, economize, and bring sustainability to the Recording Industry of Swaziland. The awards ceremony will celebrate Swazi Music as an art code outside the margins and periphery of other countries during a Gala event with a full line up of the best of authentic Swaziland performers. The MTN Swaziland Music Awards will be a vehicle for the promotion of art through music and the concept seeks to unite the art and the corporate sector in Swaziland.

We thank our Title Sponsor MTN Swaziland for their support and assistance in making this amazing initiative possible.


That’s a wrap


Enjoy the nomination summary video.

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